Universty Of Hafr Al Batin

Information Technology Department

Information Technology Department services are provided to all academic, research and administrative sectors. These services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Student technical support, providing personal computing systems, anti-virus support, and services related to student examinations and teaching evaluations.
  2. Supporting and operating the computing resources with their operating systems and databases.
  3. Supporting and operating networks that exceed 2200 network points, while providing security to the information exchanged. Providing cable and network connectivity to support e-mail and the Internet, and administering the online academic portal.
  4. Operating administrative and academic applications.
  5. Supporting and operating more than 10 computer laboratories.
  6. Services that are provided to outside customers (Government and public sectors), and various IT-elated courses and tutorials.

The unit is committed to providing high-quality information services that foster a productive academic and research environment for students, faculty, staff, and management at UOHB.


  • The use of UOHB resources to access the Internet is provided only for valid UOHB activities. Internet resources should be used in ways that are cost effective and in UOHB's best interest.
  • All communication transmitted or received via Internet using UOHB facilities is considered the responsibility of UOHB. It should be acknowledged that all such communications, which will be sent or received, are subject to monitoring or review by authorized personnel designated by UOHB.
  • UOHB confidential and proprietary information shall be safeguarded, such information shall not be uploaded, posted, transmitted or otherwise disclosed or release any information concerning UOHB, its operations and activities, on or through the Internet without prior approval of the UOHB administration.
  • A 'user ID' will be issued to uniquely identify every Internet user. It must not be disclosed either the password associated with this user ID or any other authentication codes entrusted to any user by UOHB. All precautions should be taken to ensure that no other person makes use of your Internet user ID and/or your password.
  • All UOHB Internet users must respect the customs, traditions, and laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. UOHB facilities must not be used to access an Internet site, or send I receive or download anything that contains pornographic, indecent, abusive, defamatory, threatening, illegal material or material that is culturally offensive to the Kingdom. If accidentally such material is discovered during your session, you must promptly report the source {the site name) of the material to the ITU.
  • Disruption of or interference with the UOHB computer system or communications network is prohibited. Internet or any of its tools must not be used to access any unauthorized software, data, hardware or system processing facility of the College.
  • Network security and protection against viruses is the users' responsibility. All downloaded files should be checked for viruses or destructive code prior to using the files on UOHB equipment.
  • Internet access from any network workstation attached to the UOHB computer network is allowed only through authorized firewalls. You should not connect to or use any unauthorized software, modem, which may allow 'hackers' to penetrate UOHB computer systems.