Universty Of Hafr Al Batin

Vision,Mission & Goals


The College of Arts and Sciences at Nairiyah aspires to be a model for colleges in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by maintaining top-quality instruction and research, meeting the needs of the Saudi Arabian community and adhering to international standards.


The mission of the College of Arts and Science at Nairiyah is to offer a university education of the highest quality, based on combining the community's heritage and cultural identity and the community's drive for modernization. In this way, the college would be able to contribute to creating a brighter future for the Eastern Region, satisfying the community's demand for highly qualified individuals. To make this possible, the college provides faculty members with the best record of teaching experience and research ability.


  1. To keep abreast of the latest scientific developments.
  2. To meet the community's demand for qualified individuals.
  3. To make sure that graduates have developed an appreciation of objectivity and acceptance of the other.
  4. To prepare graduates for working in research institutions as well as for community service and postgraduate studies.
  5. To develop, in the graduates, such values as dialogue, moderation, modernity, perseverance, and Islamic and Arab morals.
  6. To offer top-quality degree programs that enable graduates to deal with information technology.
  7. To stress the important role different specializations are meant to play in a balanced, comprehensive social development.