Universty Of Hafr Al Batin

Dean's Word

In view of KSA interest in developing human capabilities of Saudi citizens and the pursuit for universality through development of various professions and programs of preparing qualified workers through the universities to reach a high level of quality in various outputs, whether physical or human, Hafr Al Batin University has sought to open new programs to ensure qualified education that responds to local and international changes and provides a qualified human resource for the labor market. There is no doubt that opening the Department of Social Work at the University College in Nairiya is an unprecedented qualitative leap. Thus, the university is keen to update course plans , re-structuring the map of its educational programs at the academic departments and open new departments to meet the requirements of the labor market and the community needs. In fact, the Social Work Department was an urgent need to serve Nairiyah community by providing them with a graduate who has the competence to work and meet the needs in the field of social welfare and work in the rural and urban development centers in line with 2030 Vision of KSA. It aims to achieve comprehensive development and meet the needs in the fields of special needs, the elderly care, and family and childhood care. These different areas are in an urgent need for qualified human cadres and trained women to develop the services provided to the community, and to provide these services on the basis of scientific study.

Department Coordinator,

Dr. Hamdia Aldemerdash.